The Game Plan

The Game Plan

The past few months have been filled with some major life changes for me and I wanted some way of recording my journey. I've also had a number of people in the past ask me "have you ever thought about writing a blog?" or something along those lines. The answer is that yes, I did actually blog in the past for a short while. I enjoyed it but life happened and I neglected it. So I'm back now, determined to make this thing happen. 

My goal here is to create an outlet to discuss, celebrate and share all of the things I come across in my journey. If I gather a following outside of my family and close friends, amazing! If not, I'm cool with that too. 

Topics I'm hoping to touch on (this list is probably going to be in a state of flux for a bit but hopefully for the most part I have it narrowed down to these five categories):

Design - objects, studios and print media that I think the world needs to know about.

Interiors - I've visited some really great spaces in the past and hopefully there are more to come. I anticipate this being a collection of my own visits but also some bucket list spaces to add to my ever growing collection of 'must sees'. 

Style - I'll let you know now that I love bags - especially leather ones - so there will be a lot of those but I also love fashion and jewelery so I'll try to mix it up a bit. Essentially anything that is design that is intended to be worn by a human. 

Art - I have had the privilege of working with the artist community a lot in my short professional life so I have a deep admiration for it. I'm going to share some artists I think are doing amazing work. 

Words - I love books. Always have, always will. I don't read enough when I'm working so I'm hoping this will give me a reason to stay on top of it and do less Netflix bingeing, sorry Netflix. 

So that's the game plan. Let's get this started. 

The Name

The Name